Conero Beauty: the vegan and sustainable skincare

Conero Beauty is the first Italian brand of authentic natural and sustainable cosmetics, combining effectiveness and tolerability, the main aspects that make these skincare products suitable for all skin types.

The concept of clean beauty

Their work is constantly inspired by the concept of clean beauty, which can be sum up by the respect of the following guidelines: safety, ethics, sustainability, and traceability.

It implies that all of their products’ components are “active” ingredients, i.e. with a specific function for different types of skin, and that their cosmetic formulations contain only what need to make skin healthier and glowed.

Conero Beauty’s cosmetics reflect its ethical standards: these products are not tested on animals and are purchased from suppliers who care about their employees’ working conditions.

Besides, they are made of traceable components derived from responsible production for natural ecosystems.

What’s more is that, they are gentle on every type of skin: they have been tested for sensitive and delicate skin and are manufactured in small batches to ensure the highest quality of each cosmetic.

From plants to your skin

As they describe on their website, the skin is the largest organ in the human body, and the body absorbs 60% of what comes into contact with it, and that’s why, when it comes to pick the skincare products ingredients, their formulations are natural or of natural origin, and the entire line is made up entirely of vegan cosmetics.

Every product is realised with the intention to avoid industrially derived chemicals as well as potentially toxic, irritating, or allergenic ingredients (such as added preservatives, petroleum derivatives, mineral oils, silicones).

The importance of the “Made in Marche”

Every element of the production chain is proudly Made in Marche, from cosmetic and dermatological research to the active ingredients used, including also their recycled and recyclable packaging.


All of their products are packaged in environmentally friendly, traceable materials that do not harm natural ecosystems.

This concept is inspired by the attempt to reduce the use of plastic by using paper from sustainable sources whenever paper could replace plastic.

For example, their boxes, as well as every other component of their shipping boxes, are made of recycled cardboard and are made of Fabriano paper to support the Marche region’s artisan ecosystem and ensure the highest quality.

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