Our divisions

Blog & Reports

Our Blogs & Reports team aims to keep the Bocconi community – alumni, professors and guests –  updated on campus’ initiatives and events with our day-to-day work. This implies: working on the publication of articles about a wide variety of topics (from geo-engineering to the alternatives to fast fashion) and managing our monthly newsletters and yearly magazine. You can check some of our latest blog posts below: 

Knowledge & Relations

K&R is a division of Green Light for Business whose work focuses on three areas:


This section mainly deals with two activities. It organises lectures and meetings for members, aimed at sharing knowledge on major sustainability issues. Our knowledge projects also cover research papers on various green economic issues which are published by our blog team


Our relations work centres around maintaining and developing our network composed of alumni, partner companies, professors, NGOs, and area-specific specialists. It seeks to build long-lasting relationships that aim to bring value to all stakeholders, and that help us visualise a sustainable future.

Advisory Programme

This function was born from the desire to further integrate our processes with the corporate world. After years of preparation and study of the main issues of sustainability within the economic scenario, we feel ready to take a further step, offering sustainable advisory services to organisation

Social Media

The social media team creates content for our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn channels, all of which have a great reach among the Bocconi community and promotes the associations activities. It also follows our Web Analytics, tracking our progress on all channels and creating regular update letters and semiannual summaries.

Green Campus & Events

The Green Campus & Events division is subdivided into two areas:

Green Campus

The Green Campus team has the objective to improve the environmental footprint of Bocconi: the association works as a medium between students and the University’s Dean, CEO and Sustainability Committee to implement innovative projects.


The events team organizes conferences and workshops on green-related issues to allow members and everyone interested in sustainability and green economy related issues. This is a valuable opportunity to approach green jobs and develop soft skills in the area of relationships management and networking.