Our Projects

Our members are encouraged to submit a project idea through a process of getting signatories and approval from the board for the project, after which point they can lead the project. These projects, occurring outside our standard operations, are a chance for members of our various divisions to work together, while having the chance to create their own initiatives within the association. There’s a limited number of spots for projects, so you are encouraged to submit your proposal and show your interest as soon as possible once you join the association. While these projects usually last one to two semester, they can eventually grow into core functions of our association. Below are some of our

Sustainable Advisory

Sustainable advisory began as a K&R initiative which has been gradually developed since last year. Our team worked on a market-strategy project with ZeroCO2—a company which offsets carbon emission while providing social help to communities in Italy and Latin America. This allowed our team to better understand the carbon off-setting industry while partnering with professionals in the field. We have since been developing our advisory capabilities to better help companies make sustainability an integral part of their functions while developing their operations.

Green Spaces

This project grew out of a separate project one of our members was working on outside of the association. We are creating a proposal for the establishment of more green spaces within Bocconi by conducting research on students and staff’s opinions and researching on the development of green spaces in urban areas. The green spaces could potentially include elements such as green corridors, insect hotels or recreational gardens.

GL4B Magazine

Interested in discovering more green activities at Bocconi University? Check out our Gl4B Magazine! The magazine project collocates parallelly to Sustainable Consulting and Green Spaces, and it originated from our members’ commitment to delivering a brief but highly informative report over the past year’s events. It is published annually and proves to be a useful synopsis to themes like circular economy, sustainable packaging, and several others.