Objectives of the un agenda 2030, are they achievable?

The UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development is a program of action that sets out 17 sustainable development goals to live in a sustainable world.

Some of them include topics related to climate change, such as “Sustainable cities and communities”, “Climate action”, “Life below water”, and “Life of Land”. In this article we are going to analyse each of them, trying to understand to which extent they can be considered to be achievable.

The first one is mainly related to life in cities, so for example to the introduction of new means of transport at a lower level of gas emission, but also to some programs concerning recycling activities and rules to do so. Moreover, it also includes a provision about sustainable building construction and the implementation of green areas around the metropolis.

Climate action instead refers both to a series of policies that should be adopted by the communities, but also to a plan of sensitisation about the topic for example inside institutional environments such as schools.

Furthermore, it concerns the investment of an important sum as funds in order to allow nations to reach their objectives faster than ever.

A fundamental point covered is also the improvement of policies of countries about prevention and specific plan of action in case of natural disasters or environmental catastrophes.

Goal number 14 and goal number 15 point out two topics related to each other, life below water and life on the land. For this reason, they are very similar since they introduce some actions about the protection of the environment and its biodiversity, but also a lot of prohibitions and protections in defense of men’s behaviors. For example, they induce nations to fight against poaching and illegal fishing, but also on the other hand they introduce some economic benefits in order to achieve all these goals.

To conclude it is important to underline the fact that the main strength useful to achieve them is related both to a global action and a local one. Every one of us should play a role since the means are available. So the main point is that of combining the action of the people with that of the state in order to reach them as fast as possible.

By Anastasia Binando





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