Swapfiets is a company dedicated to the fight against climate change by making cities, including Milan, a more bike friendly space. They are not a bike sharing company, nor do they sell their bikes; they allow people to rent a bike that is completely their own.

Swapfiets was born in 2014 and since then, they have expanded to 65 different cities in 9 countries in Europe. They aim to serve people who want to own a bike without any of the hassle of repairing and servicing it; it is all done for you by Swapifets itself.

With a monthly subscription, you receive a bike with the iconic blue front wheel, free unlimited bike service (to ensure that your bike is always in perfect conditions) and theft insurance which is arguably, very important in a city like Milan.

So how does Swapfiets work? You simply choose from the various bikes, e-bikes and scooter subscriptions from their website, collect your bike from the store or even get it delivered straight to your apartment. The bike will be adjusted to your specific height and if you are in need of any assistance at all, simply contact them via the Swapfiets app.

Swapfiets is just one of the many solutions available to us, especially in cities, that allow us to be more conscious of how we move as well as how we consume. Instead of owning a means of mobility, we are allowed the freedom to opt-out when we aren’t in need as much while also giving us the security that we will always have a high-quality way to move around the city that sharing services cannot provide.

All of this is meant to help us move towards a more circular economy, to move from possession to usage. Sharing apps can be an expensive way to participate in the circular economy but by having a fixed monthly fee, Swapfiets makes it more accessible than ever to the average consumer.

Swapfiets is an innovative way of making micro-mobility more circular and accessible in urban and suburban areas.

If you want to join the movement against climate change by choosing more environmentally friendly means of transport, Swapfiets is for you!

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